The Ranch

The Ranch

Welcome to the 5 Springs Ranch website. Here, you’ll find all of the information you need to make your reservations as well as get directions so that you’ll actually arrive on site in time for hunting season. If you are interested in Hunting Resource, you’ve come to the right place. Not only can you find accommodations and a base for preparations as you hunt elk and other game, you’ll also find information about supplies and gear.

It’s worth noting that staying at the ranch is a great opportunity to experience wilderness training as well. Although there are plenty of modern amenities available, you could make things more interesting if you prefer.


How To Get There


You’ll find the ranch at 38198 Highway 69, Westcliffe, CO 81252, USA. Just take the highway and once you get to intersection between 106 and Timber Ridge Road, the Ranch is just right off the main road. You can choose to drive there yourself, which you’ll want to do anyway since the shops and other amenities around are some distance away. Once you get there, you can just settle down and get comfortable.You could choose to have a taxi or Uber cab take you there if you really wanted to. However, getting to the shops where you may want to stock up on supplies might get a little challenging. If you can, you might want to bring mountain bikes or dirt bikes with you, since the wilderness does offer plenty of opportunities to test your skills on the terrain.

What To Expect

For the most part, the ranch is made up of a fence off area with two buildings. There’s the main cabin where you’ll find all of the usual accommodations. There are two bedrooms, both of which have their own bathrooms. There’s a kitchen/dining room set up with modern utensils and utilities. The cabin itself is made of hard wood and reinforced with stone bricks, so it really has that outdoor construction vibe going for it.

The other building is a store house and garage, in case you have a lot of bulky gear and toys with you. There’s running water and electricity is not a problem, so you can get comfortable even when you are away from home.

Amenities And Resources

If you have a vehicle, it’s easy enough to get around and find the kinds of supplies and resources that you need to prepare for the hunt. You’ll find shops with pretty much everything you could possibly need, include gear for when you’re about to go out such as clothing, boots, and vests. There are also plenty of rifles and bows, if you didn’t bring any of it with you or if you prefer to upgrade your firepower.

There are also lots of equipment for camping and just enjoying the outdoors, including tents, grills, lamps and water purifiers. If you are interested in being as prepared as you can possibly be when out hunting, there are Resource options that you simply cannot ignore. So go ahead and buy what you need to.


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